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About Us

Capturing Spontaneous and Meaningful Moments

wedding couple under Chinese lanternsWhether it's weddings, special events, or portraits...we make being photographed a comfortable experience so that you have images to cherish for a lifetime.

And while photography continues to change in its style and technology, we stay focused on what really matters...capturing the essence of your moment and your spirit.

At Tanya Tucka Photography...

...we put you at ease in our studio, at your home, or at any location. We're casual because we're experienced. And through the years, we've learned that there isn't just one solution that works. That's why we use a combination of photography styles and technology to capture you and your moments. You might say we use a hybrid approach.

Our goal...

...is to stay as unobtrusive as possible while capturing the true spirit of your event. Although we prefer a more documentary approach for most of the day, we still take care to get great formal shots without pulling you away from you family and friends for long periods of time. With a little planning we can work out a schedule that suits your individual needs.

We shoot your event using the latest digital cameras. We offer full service retouching and a wide variety of albums and prints, giving you a great range of options for wedding photographs that you will cherish for years to come.

Our goal is to create a wonderful pictorial chronology of your day. To capture the significant moments and people involved, preserving the spirit of celebration.

About us...

Tanya has been capturing wedding images since 1974 as well as shooting many corporate events and catalog work. She has worked at some of the most famous photography studios in the Chicago area and in California. Her early training in design and photography at the University of Illinois has given her a strong foundation in creating her own visual voice. She is a pioneer in the editorial style of wedding photography in Chicago.

Tanya works with a team of photographers who include Andrew Campbell, Tom Lane, and Hans Schaal. Together they have extensive backgrounds in editorial, commercial, fashion, and documentary photography.

Now, tell us more about you...

and what types of images you would like to see taken on at your wedding or event!


Tanya Tucka Photography - 1807 W. Sunnyside, Suite 1F - Chicago, IL 60640